Vocal Coaching

The aim of private vocal sessions is to:

"increase vocal clarity, confidence and focus for a more compelling impact on your audience."

Private vocal coaching sessions are suitable for:

  • Journalism/media students
  • Teachers
  • Legal professionals
  • Sports people
  • Business presentations
  • Sales pitches/marketing
  • Politicians
  • General vocal improvement

Areas covered include:

  • Analysis of voice and correction techniques for speech faults and faulty tone
  • Vocal physiology - getting to know your voice as an instrument
  • Vocal training exercises to improve articulation and improve agility, strength and skill.
  • Breathing techniques for better control of voice and projection
  • Confidence and self esteem building through improvisation/ role playing/eye contact and use of gestures
  • Presentation preparation

For voice performers:

  • Coaching in reading technique
  • Breath control
  • Style of delivery
  • Speed and agility

Each private session generally includes:

  • Technical speech, voice and breath exercises
  • Followed by practical application to the relevant text, speech, business demonstration, news reading script, legal arguments etc
  • Recording and playback of work covered for ear training


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